Eyelid strips from Eye Secrets

Eye secrets Eyelid strips

Eyelid strips from Eye SecretsEyelid lift strips are the new alternative to cosmetic eyelid lift surgery. Used by top make-up artists and celebrities, eyelid strips are a must have for anyone who wants to reverse the signs of ageing and make eyes look fresh.

Eyelid strips benefits:

  • Instantly lift drooping eyelids
  • Makes you look younger
  • No surgery required
  • Results show in seconds

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At just £29 it’s an affordable solution for everyone. Simply apply the strip and take away droopy eyelids in minutes.

The Eye Secrets eyelid strips have been featured in The Daily Mail, The Sun, The Metro, on ITV’s Loose Women, OK magazine, NBC news, The Times and many other magazines and newspapers. This new product really does work.

Eyelid lift strips celebrity use

Eyelid strips from eye secrets

It has been reported by The Daily Mail that A-list celebrities Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore have used Eye Secrets eyelid strips to lift drooping eyelids before doing photoshoots and appearing on camera.

Top make-up artists have been using the eyelid strips to refresh tired looking eyes and to lift sagging eyelids to reverse the signs of ageing. The eyelid strips work  well for younger and older women. They’re easy to apply and the results are instant.

Reduce the signs of ageing instantly

Your eyes are the most important part of your face. People can tell a lot about you just by looking at your eyes. They give away how you’re feeling, your mood and also your age. Drooping eyelids and wrinkles are the first noticeable signs of ageing. If you can reverse these signs, you will look younger instantly.

Eye Secrets before and after photo

The eyelid strips stick on to your upper eyelid and lift up the sagging skin. They’re easy to apply, invisible and you can’t feel them once they’re on.

Eye Secrets eyelid strips are the only real alternative to eyelid lift surgery.

Where to buy eyelid strips

Eye Secret eyelid strips are only availble to buy from the Official product website.

Priced at £29.99 they are great value for money when you compare them to other beauty products.

We highly recommend them as a way to make yourself look younger instantly and make yourself happy.

Buy Eye Secrets eyelid strips

Capsiplex plus diet pills

Capsiplex PlusA brand new approach to weight loss is here. Capsiplex Plus diet pills are a powerful fat burner that also contain the ingredient 5-HTP this can increase your serotonin levels which enhances your mood and keeps you motiviated on your weight loss journey.

It’s a completely new way of tackling weight issues. Other pills focus on the physical side of weight loss, Capsiplex Plus is the only diet pill that helps you mentally, emotionally and physically.

These new diet pills have just launched and can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer. They are a UK company who have been around for several years and their previous products are hugely popular. The original Capsiplex was created by the NHS and is sold in Holland and Barretts.

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Collagen Q10 Daily Mail

Eye Secrets has been picked up by the press again. This time The Daily Mail, The Daily Express and other publications are talking about the new product Collagen & Q10.

The new product is a great addition to the eye lift range, it is a gel patch that you leave under your eyes for 15 minutes. It puts collagen back into the skin and tissue and revitalises them. Results will show right after you take the patches off, the effect will increase through-out the day as the collagen works. It can take 8 years off the age of your eyes.

The Daily Mail

Collagen Q10 eye secrets
Read the full Daily Mail article on Collagen & Q10

The Daily Mail and Daily Express talk about how the new patches instantly reduce fine lines, dark circles and puffiness by 92%. For every 2 minutes you wear it, it can  take 1 year off the age of your eyes.

Collagen and Q10

Collagen Q10Most eye lift products on the market require weeks or months of applications to see results. This latest eye lift gel patches from Eye Secrets provides you with instant results. In just 15 minutes you will be able to see the difference, your eyes will look younger and so will your whole face.

Collagen and Q10 is two gel patches that you apply under the eye area and leave on for 15 minutes. In that time the ingredients work fast to tighten the skin and revitalise the under eye area. It will reduce bags, dark circles and wrinkles.

After you’ve taken the Collagen and Q10 patches off the ingredients continue to work for the rest of the day. More collagen is put into the skin making it appear more youthful and firmer.

Collagen and Q10 costs just £24.95

Celeb usage

Ever since Eye Secrets eye lift range launched last year it has been used by celebrities and by top make up artists on celebs and models. Ex Eastenders star Michelle Collins likes the products so much that she actually endorses Eye Secrets and swears by them.

Collagen and Q10 eye secretsThe Daily Mail have reported that the latest Collagen and Q10 eye lift product is already being used by A-list celeb Jennifer Aniston and UK TV prestenter Christine Bleakley.

Celebrities need to look their best all the time. They don’t have time to wait months for products to work, they need something that works fast and delivers results, which is why they use the Eye Secrets eye lift range.

Do something for yourself, join the celebs by getting younger and more confident with Eye Secrets eye lift products.

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Eyelid lift Blepharoplasty

Eyelid lift surgery Blepharoplasty

Eyelid lift surgery, known as Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic procedure to remove sagging and droopy eyelids. This prodcedure will just remove the execess skin and fat from the eyelid, it will not remove the wrinkles

How eyelid lift surgery is performed

The patient is required to stay in hospital for the surgery. External incisions are made along the eyelids. The excess skin and fat is removed and then stitches are put in to close the incisions.

The operation takes 1 – 3 hours to complete. Most patients go under local anesthetic which means they are awake during the operation.


Initially there will be severe bruising and swelling which will die down a few 1 – 2 weeks. You won’t be able to see properly for 2 – 3 days.

For the first 6 months the scarring will look pink and after they should turn into white lines which are hardly noticeable.


  • Loss of vision (rare)
  • Problem closing the eyes while sleeping (rarely permanent)
  • Double or blurred vision
  • Small whiteheads after stitches are removed
  • Slow healing
  • Uneven healing or scarring

Expect to be uncomfortable for the first few weeks after surgery while you are recovering, you will need someone to look after you while at home.

Long term problems are rare but they can happen. Take this into account when deciding to have eyelid lift surgery.


The cost vary depending on where you are in the country and the surgeon you use.

You can expect to pay £2000 – 2500 for upper eyelid surgery and £2000 – 3000 for lower eyelid surgery. You will first need to go in for a consultation which typically costs around £100 – 120

Always do your research before deciding to use a surgeon. If in doubt ask your GP or go to Bupa.


Blepharoplasty eyelid lift surgery is one way to remove baggy eyelids and look younger, but it’s expensive, risky and it’s a lot to go through just to life your eyelids.

Eyelid lift strips from Eye Secrets is the quickest and best way to life your eyelids. It takes seconds to apply the strips and instantly lifts your eyelids. Anyone can use them and they last all day long.

Before deciding to have eyelid lift surgery, try Eye Secrets eyelid lift strips for just £30

Michelle Collins uses Eyelid strips

UK soap star Michelle Collins is now endorsing Eye Secrets after using them for many months on Coronation Street.

At 51 years old, Michelle is saying no to the pressures of cosmetic surgery and still looks incredible, thanks to Eye Secrets.

Most celebrity women her age have had some form of cosmetic enhancement, whether it be a face lift, lip fillers, eyelid lift or botox. But Michelle Collins has decided against this for the meantime and wants to keep the natural look for aslong as possible.

She says the secrets to looking good when you’re older are: take care of your hair, wear subtle make-up, dress for your age and of course use Eye Secrets eyelid strips to give yourself and instant eyelid lift.

Because of the thin skin around the eyes, the eye area is the first place that ageing starts to show. So by reversing these signs, you can take years off the age you look. It’s so easy to do, anyone can do it at home.

Lorraine Kelly ITV Eye Secrets

Lorraine Kelly eyelid lift stripsITV’s Lorraine Kelly has already mentioned Eye Secrets on her program a few months ago. After the using the products herself and liking them so much she now about to feature them again on the 25th of April 2011.

This time on the Lorraine Kelly show she’s talking about the Eye Secrets Upper eyelid lift strips, the Under eye tightener and the Eyelash accelerator.

Upper eyelid lift strips

These are the most popular eye secrets product. Lorraine Kelly talked about these amazing instant eyelid lift strips in a previous show. In just a few seconds you can instantly lift drooping and aging eyelids without surgery.

Price: £29.99 – Buy now

Under eye tightener

Around the eyes is one of the first places that aging starts to show in the face. If you can reverse and slow down these signs, you will look younger and more attractive. Eye Secrets under eye tightener is unlike any product that you will find on the shelves, it doesn’t take weeks or months to see results. In the clinical tests performed, the majority of women noticed a difference within 60 seconds.

Price: £49.99Buy Now

Eyelash Accelerator

Thinning eyelashes can be a real problem as you get older. Thick, full eyelashes make you look younger and give you gorgeous eyes. Eye Secrets eyelash accelerator contains a unique blend of ingredients which have been designed to stimulate the growth of new eyelash hair. Results can be seen within 21 days and will make you look gorgeous again.

Price: £49.99 – Buy now

All of these products are being used by make-up artists on celebrities and models. Now you can get what the stars are using by order Eye Secrets direct.

You can buy the products individually or for a limited time only you can get all three for just £79.99, a massive £50 saving.

Buy Eye Secrets

Eyelid adhesive strips

Since eyelid adhesive strips launched in the UK late last year they have been a massive success and a blessing for make-up artists and celebrities. The only real alternative to eyelid lift surgery, you can lift drooping eyelids in seconds using them.

Make up artists from all over the UK and America have been using the eyelid adhesive strips as a quick and easy way to make their models look younger and their eyes appear bigger.

Eyelid adhesive strips

In the past the only real option was to use more make-up or to have expensive eyelid lift surgery. Now you can make yourself look younger and more attractive for just £29.99 using Eye Secrets eyelid adhesive strips.

Not just for aging eyes

The adhesive strips are also being used on younger models and celebrites to open up the eyes and help tired eyes look fresh.

If you haven’t had enough sleep the night before and your eyes are starting to look tired and droopy then eye secrets can freshen you up and make you look more attractive in seconds.

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Eyelid lift strips in Look magazine

Eyelid lift strips in Look magazine

Eye Secrets eyelid strips are getting more and more media attention every week. The Daily Mail, The Sun, OK Magazine and The Metro paper are just some who have reported the new instant eyelid lift strips.

Now, the popular fashion and beauty magazine “Look” have reported on how A-list celebrity Jennifer Aniston keeps herself looking young and attractive.

Jennifer Aniston regularly has facial peels before big events and has light botox every two months to keep her face wrinkle free. When appearing on camera she uses eyelid strips to make her eyes look instantly younger and more attractive. Drooping eyelids are one of the first signs of ageing, no celebrity wants that.

With the help of natural eyelid strips from Eye Secrets Jennifer Aniston has managed to keep herself looking almost the same since she became famous 15 years ago.

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Eyelid tape in The Mirror

Eyelid lift tape has been hitting the media all week. The Daily Mail newspaper, The Mirror, OK Magazine, on ITV’s Daybreak and Loose Women.

Eyelid lift tape in The MirrorThe Mirror paper talks about the new beauty product eyelid lift tape that will takes years off the way you look. Use by celebs Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore, the invisible eyelid lift tape is easily applied to your eyelid to give an instant lift. The tape is see-through and make up can be applied over the top as normal.

Eyelid tape is the next big beauty product. Older women are using them to lift drooping eyelids to make themselves look younger and more attractive. Younger women are using them to refreshen their eyes.

Recommended by top make-up artists, eyelid lift tape is a must have if you want to look your best.

Buy eyelid lift tape £29.99

How to apply eyelid strips

How to apply Eye Secrets eyelid lift strips

Applying eyelid strips is very easy and will only take seconds once you have done it a few times.

Step 1: Remove StripHow to apply eyelid strips

Hold a sheet of Eye Secrets strips in one hand.

Locate the end of one strip and press down along the cut line on the sheet.

The ends of the strips will pop up.

Slowly peel one strip from the sheet.

Ensure that your fingers are clean and dry. If static cause the strips to cling to your finger, you can use tweezers to pull them off.

Applying eyelid strips from eye secretsStep 2: Place Strip on Eyelid

Apply the strip to the eyelid over your natural crease line. When position correctly, the strip will add support to the drooping eyelid skin, revealing more of the eyelid.

If necessary, remove and reposition the strip on the eyelid. Once you are satisfied with the results, leave the strip in place.

The strip should fully adhere to your eyelid within a minute. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the other eyelid.

Applying Make-up

Apply your make up as usual. After following steps 1 – 2, place the strips on your eyelids over your make up. For best results, become familiar with the application and positioning of the strips before using eye shadow on your eyelids. Start by putting eye shadow under your brow bone instead of on your eyelids.

Removing the eyelid strips

To remove the strips after a full days use, gently insert your fingernail under the top of the strip and loosen. Slowly pull the strip from your eyelid. Eye make up remover can be use loosen and remove the strips.

A single application lasts all day. Use every day or as desired. Eye Secrets eyelid strips is a must for special occasions and photos when you want to look your best.

Buy eyelid strips for just £29.99

How to use eye secrets lift strips

How to apply Eye Secrets eyelid lift strips

Apply Eye Secrets eyelid lift strips couldn’t be easier. It’s quicker and easier than applying your lipstick.

All you do is take the two strips out of the pack, peel off the back and apply them into the crease of your upper eyelid. You can slide them about until they’re in the perfect position. The strips only take seconds to apply and will give you an instant eyelid lift.

Once the strips are applied they will last all day long until you take them off. You won’t feel them and you can apply your make-up as normal.

How to use eye secrets eyelid lift stripsView the demonstration video

In under a minute you will lift drooping eyelids and will be looking much younger. Your friends will be amazed at how young and attractive you look.

Make yourself feel good by using Eye Secrets eyelid lift strips.

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